Homemade Pasta (Yes, You Can!)

Dec 16, 2013Category: Pastas

Homemade pasta sounds a little daunting but really it's pretty simple -- and the flavorful results are absolutely worth it!

Have you ever had homemade pasta? The creamy, flavorful dough is a silky, rich revelation – something far better than can be reproduced in boxed varieties. 

To make homemade pasta, you need only a few simple things: a few ingredients, a rolling pin and a pasta maker (a hand crank one, an electric one, or the attachment for your stand mixer). While the pasta maker isn’t necessarily a must (you can hand-cut it), it does make pasta making a breeze.

If you’re looking for a pasta recipe, my favorite egg pasta recipe uses five ingredients you probably already have!

To make the dough, mix together the ingredients. Then, knead it until a smooth dough forms – you can either knead it by hand or let your stand mixer do the heavy lifting. Once it’s smooth, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest. This lets the flavor develop and allows the dough to be ready for rolling.

When you roll out your dough, you will want to break off pieces and use your rolling pin to flatten it. While some pasta cutters will roll the dough, it helps to start with a sheet of dough and then run it through the pasta machine/cutter. Your final step is to cut it into whatever shape you want (be sure to dust with flour while doing this so the pasta don’t stick together.

Once your fresh pasta is made, it cooks quickly – just 3-5 minutes in boiling water will produce perfect al dente results.

And the flavor? The pasta is a star so there’s no need to dress it heavily – instead, choose delicate preparations like olive oil, parmesan, salt and pepper or a light sauce of sautéed garlic, olive oil and tomatoes.

And yes, you really can do it. Take a weekend afternoon and give it a try. If you aren’t ready to spend on a pasta maker, use a pizza wheel to cut the rolled out dough into long strands. Once you taste it, you will see just how good homemade pasta is.


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